X Games 2018

This mixed media artwork was commissioned by U.S. Bank Stadium and given as gifts to three Executives that work for ESPN and the X Games. Pretty cool, huh?

When my client said they were looking for a mixed media piece that was different than all the other posters I’d created, my mind started racing. With endless possibilities we ultimately ended up choosing to create the artwork on a sheet of aluminum. Once the sketch was finalized, it was time to go to work on the creation part of the process.

Once the metal had been sourced, I cleaned it up and spray painted the background colors. This would be the yellow and pink tones. Each one is a little different as I was hand painting these. I love how the two paints blended to form orange at the top. Once the painting was complete, I moved to screen printing 4 colors to build the graphics. To finish it off, I screen printed MINNEAPOLIS on skateboard grip tape and adhered it to the bottom.

I’m very proud of how this piece turned out. It was really fun to challenge myself by printing on new media and combining them all into one piece.

PLEASE NOTE: This artowork was an exclusive gift and is not available for purchase.