Once the designs were approved and all of the studio equipment was built and installed, it was time to go to work (again). This time it involved actually screen printing the final art. When it came to printing this large, I was like a rookie at training camp. I've screen printed thousands of times, but never at this level. A new set of challenges arose when using such large equipment and paper.

Soon after I dove into the first run, I felt right at home. The biggest key was to take my time, get everything lined up and then print. Its a good thing I have long arms because reaching the top of the press with the 32" squeegee took every bit of my wing span. Once the ink was pulled, I would carry the paper and hang it from binder clips. Learning to "dance" with such large paper was like poetry in motion. Since I was working with limited space, I needed to make sure not to touch the wet ink or dent the paper. Patience and trying to stay calm were key mental aspects of creating perfect prints.

As with all screen print runs, I printed one color at a time on all sheets of paper. After that was completed, I started the process over and printed the next color. Layer by layer I built up the image until the final (key line) layer was printed.


Printing the yellow layer of Electric MPLS (12x speed).

Printing the black keyline later of Electric MPLS (8x speed).