U.S. Bank Stadium
Kenny Chesney
Trip Around the Sun Tour

This 5-color screen print is a thank you gift to Kenny Chesney to commemorate his concert on at U.S. Bank Stadium as part of is Trip Around the Sun Tour.

The artwork is bright and colorful print and inspired by his tour branding but also the type of vibe Kenny likes to portray in his music and life. He loves the beach and enjoying time on his boat. This guitar in modeled after his “boat guitar”. The acoustic instrument got its name after he had retired it from live performances all across the globe. He only plays it out on his boat and is a super rare find.

The design itself utilizes a 5 color split fountain that proved to be very fun yet challenging. I printed the background colors at one time. The order in which they were laid on the screen are blue > yellow > orange > yellow > blue. The colors then blend naturally and create a nice harmony in the design. See below what the colors looked like prior to blending. Yep - its messy.

PLEASE NOTE: This poster was an exclusive gift to the band and is not available for purchase.