U.S. Bank Stadium
International Champions Cup 2018
Tottenham Hotspur vs AC Milan

This 4-color screen print is a thank you gift to the teams that played in the 2018 International Champions Cup at U.S. Bank Stadium.

If you’re looking at this design and thinking it looks pretty complex to print, you right. The design brings in a vertical split fountain that fades from blue to purple to red. This natural fade allowed me to capture the Tottenham Hotspur, U.S. Bank Stadium and AC Milan colors. The real test shows up in the skyline / roof area. The metallic silver skyline needed to be visible through the glass walls of the stadium without dominating the foreground. This was accomplished with meticulous alignment of each ink layer. I’m very proud of how this detail, and to be quite honest, still a little confused on how I pulled it off.

PLEASE NOTE: This poster was an exclusive gift to the teams and is not available for purchase.