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20% of purchases will be donated to Second Harvest Heartland



What is Goodspend?

Goodspend is creating a network of consumers that believe they can positively influence their community and the world by rewarding good business behavior with their money. They launched in 2017 and are exploring different ways to promote products, experiences, and giving opportunities that match consumer's values and enrich Minnesota. Check them out at to learn more.

Why Second Harvest Heartland?

Having kids of my own has opened my eyes to hunger challenges that others in our community are faced with. When my son runs up to me and says he is hungry, we simply go to the kitchen and grab some food. For many, it isn’t that easy. I want to help by giving back a percentage of sales to Second Harvest Heartland. My devotion goes way back. When I was a kid, I helped my mom work at a local food pantry in Detroit Lakes, MN. At the time, I didn't understand the impact food programs like this have on the community, but I sure do now.

What is the offer?

In honor of Give to the Max day, Second Harvest will receive a donation for its Food + You Child Hunger Initiative. This is a program that helps address child hunger at 17 schools across the Twin Cities. Dogfish Media will donate 10% of all online purchases. Plus, the fine folks at Goodspend will match with 10% of their own. The icing on the cake? You will get FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

How does it work?

Simply enter the promo code GOODSPEND when you check out.


20% of purchases
will be donated to
Second Harvest Heartland*

Every dollar donated
will give 3 meals to
those in need.


Can I donate without making a purchase?

Of course! Follow this link to make a donation as part of the "Give to the Max 2017" event.


* 10% Donated by Dogfish Media / 10% by Goodspend