While still working through building and installing the equipment, it was time to turn my attention to the artwork itself. The commission called for two designs. One design was to focus on U.S. Bank Stadium, while the other was to integrate music and the city of Minneapolis. 

Like every design project, I started with many quick pencil sketches. Its a great way to try different subject matter, compositions and texture without focusing on any details. This is a foundation of good design.

After the sketch process, I moved towards creating digital concepts. This involved getting out in the field to photograph components that would appear in the print. So I grabbed my Nikon and headed downtown. Here I shot several views of the Minneapolis skyline and First Avenue music venue.

Another piece of the design involved making the ink spots. I needed to make the ink spots look like, well, ink spots. In order to do that I splattered India Ink on sheets of paper on my studio floor. Once that dried, I scanned them in at a very high resolution and added them to my composition.

Since the stadium construction was only 50% complete, I could only use digital renderings as inspiration for that piece. Though limiting in ways, it really forced me to study the available imagery and capture the essence of the facility's design.


8-color screen print
48" x 36"

Vikings fans are proud of their team, their stadium, their history and their state. This piece represents Minnesota pride and all the hard work that has gone into the creation of the stadium. At times the construction appeared quite messy as materials, machinery and equipment were scattered throughout the area. Emerging from all of this chaos is the bold and clean masterpiece that demands attention in downtown Minneapolis and across the world. This is a venue that Minnesotan’s are proud to say is their own.


5-color screen print
36" x 48"

This print is a tribute to the great music scene in Minneapolis. Hundreds of great bands have played at the iconic First Avenue music venue over the last 40+ years. As someone who has attended several concerts there, I can say the atmosphere is always very electrifying. I wanted to carry this feeling through the design and composition. The ink splatters create a dynamic background for the bold electric guitar image that combines the Minneapolis skyline with First Avenue.