U.S. Bank Stadium
A Head Full of Dreams

This 5-color screen print is a thank you gift to Coldplay to commemorate their concert on August 12, 2017 at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Isn’t it crazy how music can take you back in time? Coldplay has always had a special place in my heart. Take a journey back with me to the fall of 2003. I was a struggling meteorology student in college. The summer before, I survived a horrible car crash in which I lost my best friend. Trying to comprehend why that happened, in addition to dealing with the trauma and grief was a very challenging time in my life. Listening to Coldplay’s albums “A Rush of Blood to the Head” and “Parachutes” provided me with comfort and a way to deal with my emotions. I truly connected with these albums as they brought me through these tough times and on to brighter days. It was during this time that I switched to the art program and immediately felt at home.

Flash forward 14 years and I hear I am, making art for the band that was so instrumental during such a pivotal part of my past. Pretty surreal. Looking back and I can still picture myself making art in that (dumpy) basement apartment. Coldplay turned up.

PLEASE NOTE: This poster was an exclusive gift to the band and is not available for purchase.